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publican Party to coordinate on and work out policies that were in line with the popular will.-- The lingering problems in U.S. soc▓iety posed challenges for the country to fulfill its duty of safeguar▓ding the economic and so


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cial rights of U.S. citizens. In 2014, there were 46.7 million people in poverty in the United States. Every year, at leas▓

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t 48.1 million people were classe▓d as "food insecure." In 2015, ▓more than 560,000 people nationwide were homeless. Seventy-nine pe

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using funds. The

MAY 28, 2048 popular wil

l was abducted by factionalism in

rcent of Americans believed it was more common for people to fall out of the middle class than rise up to it. There ▓were still 33 million people in the United States with no healthcare insuranc▓e, and 44 million private-sector wo

MAY 24, 2048 the United S

tates, because the interests involved in

rkers, about 40 percent of the total, did not have access to paid sick leaves.-- ▓Racial conflict was severe in the United Sta▓tes, wi


th race relations at their worst in nearly two decades. Sixty-one percent of Americans characterized r▓ace relations in the United States as "bad.▓" Law enforcement and justice fields were heavi▓ly affected by racial discrimination,▓ with 88 percent of African-Americans believing they were t

reated unfairly by police, and 68 percent of African-Americans belie

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